Pale Blue



Pioneer the expansion of human possibility

Our first step is making satellite operations safer and more sustainable.

”Space is already one of the most inhospitable environments we know of, and while we continue to work with propellants like hydrazine that is incredibly toxic to humans, space will never become truly accessible to humans in a widespread way unless we make it safer”

Pale blue seeks to fix this problem by introducing a way to power spacecraft using the world's safest and most abundant element, water.

Origin of our Company Name - Pale Blue

This distant image of our tiny world…the Pale Blue Dot.
The famous words of Carl Sagan describing a picture of earth taken from Voyager-1 at a distance of more than 6 billion km. I felt that this phrase perfectly captured what we were doing and what we were hoping to achieve. Our immediate focus is on developing space activity in near earth orbit, but we hope that our research, technology, and efforts can have much broader impact and help humanity stretch its influence far beyond the stars.

Pale Blue as a representative color of our differentiator - water.
Another reason ''Pale Blue'' resonated with us is simply because we are working on developing the most safe, sustainable, and affordable propulsion system in the world by using water. As one of the most abundant resources on earth and a key ingredient for commerce on earth as well as overall health, it felt natural to consider 'pale blue' the color as part of our company name.

Company History


Foundation of ”Pale Blue”

Pale Blue Inc. was founded by four members who have been engaged in basic research on propulsion machines, and the development and operation of the satellite-mounted actual machine together for more than 7 years.


Seed Round

Incubate Fund and MS&AD


Series A Round

Board Members

Representative Director Jun Asakawa
Director Kazuya Yaginuma
Director Yuichi Nakagawa
Director Yukiko Fujita
Director Hiroyuki Koizumi
Outside Director Yusuke Murata
Outside Director Shinji Tanaka
Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Katsuhide Nakayama
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Tomonari Yamasaki
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Sayaka Fukuda