Since protecting customers’ private information is the basis of our business activity, our company shall stipulate this policy based on our company’s code of ethics, and establish the system to have private information in tight custody to realize responsible corporate behaviors.

  • As to customers’ private information, our company shall strive to protect private information by observing laws and regulations related to private information, placing the manger for the custody of private information in each section that handles it, and have the managers properly handle it.
  • In case our company collects private information from customers and uses it, our company shall collect and use it in proper ways upon noticing the customer or gaining the consent of the customer, and use it within the scope of the purpose of use given consent.
  • Our company has implemented the measures to safely and accurately have customers’ private information in custody and prevent the maliceful access to, loss, destruction, modification, or leak of private information.
  • Our company shall not provide private information to a third party without the consent of the customer. In case our company consigns the processing of private information to outside suppliers, our company obliges them to take the same appropriate measures by contract.
  • Our company shall observe laws and regulations applied to matters concerning private information, and audit and continually review and revise the handling of private information in each provision above.
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